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Have you ever imagined going on a camping trip and taking all your electrical appliances with you? With a portable camping generator this is a reality for countless people who enjoy something of a more refined camping experience all thanks to their portable generators they take with them.

Long gone are the days when you would have to strike a match and make your own camp fire as well as catch and prepare your own food to eat during the vacation. These days everything can be done in a much more civilized manner by the addition of low cost generators that make life so much easier.

With a portable generator on your camping trip, you can provide power for TV sets, portable camping ovens and grills and even kids’ games consoles. The parents can safely leave the kids entertained while they clean up after meal times and then set the camp for an evening of outdoor sleeping, complete with outdoor lighting and heat if needed. Household Generator

There is nothing quite so satisfying as being able to take portable power with you that will do just about everything you can do at home. A laptop or radio can be kept fully charged and powered and even a camp refrigerator can be made available to store your chilled foods and drinks.

MINI GENERATOR FOR SALE – Portable Camping Generator

A portable camping generator can be carried by hand or even mounted in the back on an RV. They are great for anyone hunting who needs power too. So once you’ve decided that you intend to buy a portable camping generator you need to make sure that your unit can handle the power requirements of all your electrical items.

This is done by simply adding up the total wattage of all your items. A flat screen TV might use 350 watts while an average home kettle is normally more than 1000 watts – although there are camping versions that use less wattage, but will take longer to boil the water. At the end of the day, if you intend to run electrical appliances when away from home then a portable camping generator needs to be chosen wisely so that it can cope with all your needs when you are there.

gas generatorIf your items are likely to use 3500 watts (when they are all being used at the same time) then you should go for a unit that delivers at least 3500 watts of power, preferably just more so that it can be started. Get the right portable camping generator and camping trips will never be the same again.

Your portable camping generator can also make your camping trip more enjoyable rather than having to rough it all the time. You can even use some of your electric appliances when you prepare the meals.

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